A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Pupgun: Spayed and Neutered.

Made for the NM Game Jam 2017

Theme: Random Planes/Polygons. We decided to take the random ‘planes’ more literally, and went with procedural airplanes.

Plot: In totally historically accurate WW2, Kitler launches a campaign of terror on the occupants of Pupsilvania. 
The Pupsilvanian Air Force must fight back, and you’re the only one the the area. 
Colonel Chorshiba Good Boy, take up your flight stick, and save these peaceful lands.


Crate - Randomized the plane.

Tennis Ball - Homing Missile

Bone - Heals


Mouse - Fly the plane without WASD

WS - Pitch up and down.

AD - Roll Left And Right.

QE - Yaw Left And Right

Shift - Throttle Up

CTRL - Throttle Down

Left Mouse - Fire Main Guns

Right Mouse - Fire Powerup (If you have special ammo)

Martin Jencka - Code/Art - @futilrevenge on twitter

Matthew (old Tibbs) Seik - Sound/ Music/Art/Joke Maker - @supnerdspike on twitter

Milo Koleske - Concept Art - @milo_christian_

Joe Lundy - Modeling/Play test

Kerrie Bash- Zepplain

Cody Davis- fidget thing modeler
Ian Steagall- Art/Animation
Timothy Welch- UI & Logo Graphic Designer - @meepmeep189

Tibbs - Art Boy and Young Mathew
Oliver Garcia - Art/Kitler/Animatics

Special Credits:

Derick Fisher - Emotional Pizza Support


Pupgun v0.02 Windows 36 MB
Pupgun v0.02 Mac 40 MB
PupgunMac V0.01 41 MB
PupgunWindows V0.01 36 MB