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  Untold years ago, you were tasked as the ships AI to deliver important information to Fleet Command. During warp, you lost power, and have been drifting since. A small team of scavengers has reawakened you by accident while salvaging supplies from your vessel. Perhaps your circuits aren't working quite as well as they used to, but you must use the remaining power at your disposal to steal their power supply and continue the journey back to fleet command.

-Hijack people with your nanomachines for as long as you can to bring the scavenger's battery back to the core.

-Use the ships systems to your advantage with the power you have left. Crush them under doors, drop boxes on them, suck them into space. Or, just shoot them using your hijacked body.

I had a lot of fun working on this with a friend of mine, unfortunately we only got what was supposed to be the first level of many done. 

Missing more levels and more extravagant ways to slaughter people with the ship's system, but that's what always happens with these jams.

Left Mouse Button: Activates systems by clicking.
Left Drag: Moves the camera
W,D: Move left and right
S: Play Dead
Q: Shoot (If you have a gun)
E: Pickup or Drop Battery (It's on the side of the shuttle craft in the bay)
R: Hijack (They need to be in front of your character)
Shift: Sprint (Doubles your hijacked energy consumption rate)

Need Help?
Q: All I see is a room with a green guy walking around
A: At the beginning you are only the AI. If the objective doesn't seem clear, simply wait for the green guy to walk in front of the red eyeball and hit the hijack key 'r', it will take him over and you can work your way from there!

Q: Where's the warp core?
A: It's the big star trek looking blue thing. Bring the power core/battery to the warp core and you'll get to see your ship warp away! If not, look at your objective at the bottom.

Q: Is there only one level?
A: Yes, didn't have time to add more. Sorry about that, if enough people are interested I might work on adding more the game. Let me know @Futilrevenge on twitter!

Q: The enemies slid around really fast for a second, why?
A: A bug I haven't smashed yet, though if I release another version I certainly will

Q: What are the bars on the bottom left?
A: The white one is your hijacked person's health bar. It will drain over time, so be sure to keep hijacking people!
The green one is your ships power. Using systems will use power, though you can get some back by disabling certain systems such as by opening doors. If you run out you can't use the elevators, so be careful!

If you have any other questions just tweet at me and I'll get back to you ASAP! Report any bugs there too.

Check out some of our other stuff at:

Martin - Futilrevenge - Graphics, Code - https://twitter.com/Futilrevenge

Jack - Diplodocus - Music, Sound effects - https://twitter.com/A_Hole_In_Space

Thanks for playing!

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Tags2D, Horror, Ludum Dare 39, Space, Stealth
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Install instructions

Just unpack and have fun! Check the readme for control info!


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